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Our teachers are credentialed and specially trained to work out any problems with a child or among the children. The teachers are quick to respond to each child and capable of providing leadership, kindness and generosity. They are always ready to use innovation and variety as teaching tools.

Our teacher student ratio is 7:1 so that each child is always close by to a teacher.

Lyndell Grey Lyndell Grey: Dr. Grey is at the school daily from 3:00-6:00. She opens the doors, prepares the building, and visits with each child as he or she arrives.
Dr. Grey has her doctorate in education and psychology and has taught at the university level as well as being the Vice President of the American University in Bulgaria. Her family has lived in the Lincoln area since 1888 when the Fruitvale School was established.

Julie Abrams Julie Abrams: Each day we have a different activity teacher depending on the schedule. Julie Abrams is experienced in 4-H as well as a classroom teacher in science and math. She owns a small ranch with lots of horses and goats.

Kati Bess: Kati was our animal teacher last year and will teach a regular class this year. Kati is a student at Sierra College and has excelled in Future Farmers Association at Lincoln High School.

Morgan Miller: Morgan is the principle animal teacher this year and is very active in Future Farmers Association at Lincoln High School. Morgan lives around the corner from the Fruitvale School and has a ranch full of animals from turkeys, to lamas, to horses, etc.

Lisa PeckLisa Peck: Lisa is a cooking teacher and will teach periodically at Fruitvale this year. She is a wiz at cookies and cakes and always is ready to try a new recipe. She also creates ingenious projects such as having the children construct fairy houses out of wood, acorns, bark, thread spools, etc.

Juliana Walls: Juliana is noted for her ability with theatre and has directed the past three melodramas that the Fruitvale School as sponsored over the past few years. She also is a preschool teacher by profession.