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One hour is set aside for homework and tutoring. This is enough time for most children to finish their homework. However there are a few teachers who assign significant homework and if this is the case, then one hour may not be enough. Or, there are some children who are particularly slow in completing their work and in this case they will need more time.

Most homework is done in the big classroom but if your child needs absolute quiet, we will move your child into the smaller classroom where there is complete quiet.

Our goal is to send your child(ren) home with his or her homework completed so that you have a night off. It is also good for the child to have all homework done for this demonstrates to a slow worker the value of finishing quickly when possible.

In addition we tutor any child that is having difficulties. Please tell us how your child needs help:

  • Sometimes a child learns easier from a tutor than from a parent. This may be true of your child.
  • Sometimes it is as simple as the multiplication tables. For some reason the child has just missed learning them all and now it is time for long division. This is a big problem. Fruitvale is perfect for the opportunity to go back and memorize these times tables. We have lots of memory games that will help the child learn quickly.
  • Amazingly sometimes problems with homework are due to the fact that it is too easy or too boring for the child. We have strategies to make it more interesting so that there is a challenge that will keep the child’s attention.
  • One strategy is having the child work with another child. We ask your child to explain the problem to another.
  • Another strategy is to set up a timed contest so that the challenge is to finish very fast and this makes the homework interesting after all.
If your child is one who does his or her homework in class or on the bus so that when it is study hour there is no homework, please be sure that your child has a book to read or a special project to do. Every day we have at least 30 minutes of study hour for each child and it is important that the child has something to do.

Fruitvale School Day Camp

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